the four golden rules for interns

This page is here to help you as intern understand what will help you succeed as an intern at DrakkenTech. Read it carefully and reflect on it daily during your internship.

Following these all four these golden rules reliably predict success as an intern at DrakkenTech and failing to follow them reliably predict disappointment for both you and DrakkenTech.

Follow Instructions

This seems like an obvious point, but we often find that interns don’t do some of the most basic things we ask them to. Things like “take notes in meetings”, “add profile pictures to your profiles” or “ask for help when you get stuck” fall off the bus within a day or two.

This also applies to technical instructions such as “use the code as an example for what you need to do instead of writing your code from scratch” or “use this library to pull the data from the database”.

We are here to help you grow. But it only works if you allow us to lead you.

Do Your Best

You are an intern an not a junior+ developer because it is understood that you are still learning, and not yet the coding rock star that you will soon be. So, no one expects you to blow us away with your mad coding skills or earth shattering performance.

But we do expect you to do what you can to get the basics right. They are easy wins.

Put in your full 8 hours of work per day.

Behave in a professional way and present yourself well – look to our Code of Conduct for guidance. on both points.

Always be early or on time for meetings.

Strike the right balance between autonomy and productivity

Successful people are good at solving problems on their own. It is very important for you to become good at that. And it takes practice. Learning how to Google and Troubleshoot effectively are probably the two most important skills for any developer.

However, smart people also know when to ask for help or escalate.

As a rule of thumb, you can wrestle with any one thing for about an hour. If you are still stuck after that, reach out to another team member for help. Being stuck for more than half a day on a single issue, without reaching out for someone to help you is unacceptable and will get you in trouble.

Be honest

Don’t lie.

Do the hours we agreed upon.

If you made a mistake, own it.