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Web Development And Software Engineering

As a software engineering company we deliver the following services:

Custom Web Applications

We develop web applications from scratch to do exactly what you need it to do: whether it is to achieve strategic objectives, to save time, to eliminate human error.

business Intelligence

We build dashboards and reports to help you visualize and understand vast amounts of data in order to make better business decisions.

Legacy System Rescue And Repair

We have a lot of experience in picking up where other developers have left off and repairing web or mobile application and then further developing them by adding new features.


We can help improve you to modernize your business processes and online presence.

Custom Mobile Applications

We create unique, professional-looking mobile apps to drive digitalization and customer engagement in your business.

Data Management

Our SQL wizardry can serve you by setting up platforms on which to organize and manage your business data in efficient and powerful ways.

Some industries we have served so far:

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Agricultural Tech
Industrial Psycology
Industrial Psychology
International Sourcing
International Sourcing
Industrial Manufacturing
Fin Services
Financial Services
project management
Project Management
Data Learning
Machine Learning
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Simulation and Modelling

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

The IT world is developing fast as ever and we are constantly learning how to work with new technologies, and we aim to keep doing so. So no technology is off the table for us.

That being said, we have a very versatile skill set, we excel in particularly Python, ReactJS, SQL, AWS and React Native.

We love a challenge and our ready to get into any field!

Our staff has experience in building software solutions in the following fields:

  • FinTech
  • Geospatial
  • Mining
  • International Sourcing
  • Project Management
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Tech
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Digital Marketing

Although we are willing to work on a fixed-quote basis, we prefer billing for time and materials, for which our rates are  R200 – R1000 per hour, depending on the required seniority of the developers engaged.


We are still a young company and we seek to develop an impressive portfolio thus, every client matters a great deal. Our rates are very competitive and we are energetically seeking to prove ourselves and work towards our vision of becoming a an established, trusted and sought-after South African dev house.

So, to summarize

  • Great rates
  • You will be very important to us
  • We will seek to impress you so you can refer others to us
Also, you will benefit from our commitment to quality and professionalism.

Yes, we have clients in China and our management has worked with companies based in the United States, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands.

We are a start-up, so we are still in the single-digits in terms of staff, but we aspire to grow quickly and are ready to staff up as we receive more work.

All our staff work remotely, but our headquarters are in Tokai, Cape Town.

Currently, our team is represented in Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Stellenbosch.

We were founded in May of  2021.

We have a special drive to make South Africa better for all, through a focus on mentorship. We seek out people who are coming to the software development world from the tough side of a non-level playing field, and try to give them a hand-up.

Basically, for every 4 value-adding team members we have, we take on a 5th one as a project. This person is then coached in both hard and soft skills by the team and is given the opportunity to develop competence slowly but surely.

Firstly: that’s a bit of a random question, but we’ll humor you 😉

Some ideas:

  • We need to all get on board to do something about climate change.
  • We should encourage each other to get enough sleep, get some exercise, go outside and to eat healthy.
  • We should  pursue humility, thankfulness and forgiveness ourselves and encourage others to do so too.
  • We should get more people to enjoy the catchy music of Walk off the Earth.
  • We should try to understand the perspective of those who have other opinions than us (especially political opinions) and remember that they are also just humans doing their best to get by and understand the world. Most of them.
  • We should try and get the US onto the Metric system.
  • We should stop having nasty arguments with strangers on social media.
  • Most of us would do well to watch less YouTube and read more.
  • We should all memorize at least one good joke and know how to deliver it masterly.

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