We want to become an established bespoke software development company known for our excellence and our ability to deliver at good cost, in time.

  • We assist our clients with the conception, design, development, deployment and maintenance of bespoke information-technology based business solutions.

  • We do solution architecture and planning, business analysis, frontend engineering, backend engineering, devops, api engineering, database engineering, project management, testing and business development.

  • We put the client’s interest first and always recommend solutions and decisions that will serve the interest of their business, not our own. We believe that this approach pays off in the long term.

While doing this we also want to contribute to making South Africa better for all by investing in sustainable mentoring and empowerment to young South Africans from difficult backgrounds.

  • However, we are a for-profit business and pace ourselves: we take on one learner for every 5 strong developers we employ. This ensures that we have enough capacity to actually provide the needed mentorship and guidance to the learner while also being able to sustainably pursue our business goals.

  • We also are very selective in who we take on as learners. We are quite indulgent where skills are lacking, but not where character is lacking. We absolutely require honesty, true effort and teachableness from learners.

  • We want to build a solid community that our team members are proud and happy to be a part of.

We want to build a team of developers who enjoy and trust each other. We want to create a space where, if you want to, you can easily form personal connections with your colleagues.

  • We want to be the kind of company that attracts individuals of high integrity who are diligent, reliable and empathetic. We want to create a culture and community where such individuals feel so at home that they do not want to leave.

  • We aim to grow to a head-count of about 80 people. As a group, we can do more and go farther. But it is known that, for humans, the upper limit of where a group can function as a community is around 80. So if we get there, we will probably stop creating new roles and focus on growing in skill.