About BlueRock EXPOsure

Dear iThemba

The BlueRock EXPOsure app is a business support tool that we built for BlueRock Sourcing Solutions, mostly for use at Expos – hence the name.
BlueRock is a furniture & household goods sourcing company. One of their frequent activities is to send buyers to attend furniture expo’s, such as the
Canton Fair, or to visit supplier show-rooms to “scout” for new products to sell in mainly European markets.

During these visits, they need to efficiently capture product information and detail and the EXPOsure app was designed to support that process.

Two features of the app that we’d like to high-light are:

  • The Excel Export:
    Once the visit to the fair or the supplier is finished, the app allows you to export all captured data into an Excel sheet, complete with pictures, data
    and annotations on the pictures. This sheet can then be used to drive further sourcing, selection, and negotiation processes.
  • The Picture Annotation:
    It is extremely valuable for the buyers to be able to add annotations on the fly to the pictures that are taking of products. The app enables them to draw on the pictures or to add text labels and to change the colors of both the lines and the labels. These annotations are persistent on the Excel Sheet export.

The app adds great value and has been used by their team since January 2022, with the current (and final) version being made available in March 2022. Its development started around November 2021, so the development time was 2 months to first release and 5 to release version. Some additional features (text labels) were requested by BlueRock and implemented in July and August 2022.