company culture

Here we describe our core values and the kind of company we strive to be.

  • Excellence

    We pursue the highest standard of quality in all work done. Sometimes we will make a design choice to keep things simple or to limit expenditure on the part of the customer, but we will always (a) do thorough quality control on what we deliver and (b) ensure that our work is presented to look sharp, clean and attractive.

  • Diligence

    We work hard and seek to do so as efficiently as possible.

  • Humility and Honesty

    We own up to our mistakes and we do not attempt to get more money out of our clients than is necessary to meet their needs.

  • Loyalty

    We have each others’ backs, especially when dealing with people outside DrakkenTech. We do what you can to help other members of your team save face.

  • Warmth

    We know we are humans, as is our clients. The world is not all business and nor is DrakkenTech. While dealing with each other and our clients, we seek to keep a warm sense of humour and to really care about the people we work with.

  • Video-on policy

    It is said that the majority of communication is non-verbal. Since we realise the value of good, clear communication we have a video-on policy for all meetings. 

  • Personal and Professional Commitment

    When one of us has a personal crisis the rest of us stand by them and do what we can to help and accommodate them, especially in terms of picking up some of their responsibilities at work. This goes both ways though: if there is a work crisis when one of us is supposed to be off (vacation or after-ours), then he or she does not leave colleagues or customers high and dry, but try to help out within reason.

  • Hopefulness

    We acknowledge that South Africa is a messy place with many profound problems, but we nevertheless maintain an optimistic and sober view about the country and its future. We pro-actively make positive contributions to create hope where we can. We offer opportunities to young developers who lack skill and or experience and we empower them to be great web developers, even if that means lower profitability for us in the short-medium term.

  • Mentorship

    We believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to South Africa – and indeed the world at large – by empowering people through mentorship and coaching. We are pro-active about seeking out individuals who are motivated to grow in their professional skill set and to then teach them what we can. We also try to share knowledge between each other as much as possible. Coaching and being coached will be an important part of your life at DrakkenTech.

  • Autonomy and Initiative

    We place a very high value on developer autonomy and initiative. We expect DrakkenTech developers to solve problems and make judgement calls without asking for input or help at every second step. Nevertheless we expect that Developers are thoughtful about the judgement calls they make and that they can motivate their decisions when challenged. They must also be able to discern when a decision is critical enough that it is indeed necessary to consult a senior before making it.

  • Transparency

    Even though we trust each other, we freely provide reassurance where we can, without getting indignant about it. When we are asked to log hours by activity, we do so without getting indignant. When we take time off to go to the doctor, we provide a doctor’s certificate without being asked.