NEW year, NEW projects and NEW ideas

Welcome to the first DrakkenTech Blog post! 

Our blog isn’t your typical tech monologue; it’s a lively conversation waiting to happen. The goal of our blog is to engage with you and create a vibrant community. We’re not afraid to embrace our geekiness, and we hope you join in our geekiness to make our conversations more interesting, fun and inclusive.

To kick things off on an entertaining note, we asked some of our team about their New Year’s resolutions – what they want to learn or do better in the coming year. Here are their responses:

Pieka Grobbelaar (Engineer, Director)
Something I will do differently this year than previous years is to refuse to take on development projects with small companies on a fixed cost basis. Often, these clients lack the experience to inform realistic expectations about what it should cost to make their ideas reality and even when we manage to deliver excellent value for money, even at a loss to ourselves, the client remains underwhelmed. Going forward, for smaller clients, it will be Time and Materials only.

Alexan Anderson (Junior Developer)
This year I want to continue to improve my coding Efficiency and quality. I also want to focus more on the backend side of things.

Shane Van Niekerk (Mid-level Developer)
I am determined to learn the C++ programming language and then venture into Unreal Engine 5 game design for personal enjoyment.

Harris Rana (Mobile App Developer)
As of 2024 I want to learn a new technology preferably Flutter or Vue.js, improve my code quality while focusing on user experience, and build a strong portfolio (work on more than 3 projects).

Mpho Jele (Junior Developer)
This year I want to up-skill, learn more advanced stuff in C# and the Microsoft stack. I’m yet to figure out which certifications I want to get.

Lisa Engelbrecht (Junior Business Analyst)
My my primary 2024 new year’s resolution is to deepen and broaden my understanding of software development because one can never “know too much”. Additionally, I aim to enhance my time management skills and I aspire to create a more structured and organised work routine for myself. Hopefully I can transform these resolutions into skills that allows me to contribute more substantially to our projects and add greater value to our team’s overall success.

Now, here’s the exciting part – we want you in on the action! What’s your work resolution for the year? Share it with us on our LinkedIn page and let’s turn this blog into a platform for shared aspirations and achievements.

This is just the beginning, and we’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us. Head over to our blog and LinkedIn to dive into the conversation. Engage, share, and let’s build a community where tech isn’t just a topic; it’s a celebration of innovation!

Cheers to the first of many conversations. Let’s make 2024 our year! 

– DrakkenTech

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