Team Insights with Nombulelo April

My name is Nombulelo April, and I am an intern at DrakkenTech. DrakkenTech brought me on board at the end of my studies at WeThinkCode. I went through a series of two interviews: a get-to-know-you interview and a technical interview. Both interviews went well, and I secured the internship.

Upon onboarding, I was assigned a mentor who made my transition into the company smoother.

My first project was for one of DrakkenTech’s clients, Silverbridge. On this project, I worked closely with the owner Pieka, who showed me the ropes. I learned to apply my technical skills and acquired a few more. In this project, I focused on the frontend and had the opportunity to implement exciting elements on their website using HTML5, PHP, Bootstrap, JS, and CSS for styling. Since then, I have enjoyed working on other projects with the team, using various tools to create exciting programs. I have also had the opportunity to work on both frontend and backend, using Python for the backend of our applications. Currently, I am working on a project to build a web application using Vue3 and Vuetify.

In addition to developing new programs, I have been dedicated to self-development, as DrakkenTech encourages growth and self-improvement for its interns.

I have learned a lot since I started, and my learning journey continues. I am honored to be a part of the DrakkenTech family.

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