Mpho Jele: Promoted to Junior Developer

Congratulation Mpho Jele on successfully completing your internship and accepting our offer to become a junior developer in our growing team!

Mpho started with DrakkenTech in early August 2023. He is fresh off the press at WeThinkCode, one of DrakkenTech’s partner institutions. Pieka found Mpho’s profile on OfferZen while looking for a junior .NET developer to work on the projects of two of our clients: CB4 and the Rosh Pinah Zinc Consortium.

Mpho and Pieka met for an interview at OR Tambo Airport while Pieka was on a business trip. After the interview Pieka called up a reference for Mpho at the company PaySpace where he was doing his WeThinkCode internship. Shuaib gave Mpho a shining review and we booked Mpho for our technical assessment.

DrakkenTech technical assessments entail that a prospective developer shares his screen and is asked to perform basic coding exercises under the watchful eyes of two DrakkenTech developers.

Mpho did pretty well and we went ahead and signed him on as an intern. Mpho got slotted into the two .NET projects immediately and began hacking away at tickets assigned to him by more senior developers (Harris Ahmad Rana and Willem) who had been on the projects for some time. From day one he was able to engage the problems and solve them with only light guidance. He was also impeccably professional. Very punctual, very responsive and he aligned with all our internal policies and procedures seamlessly after onboarding. He also followed our Four Golden Rules for Interns to the tee.

This impressive start led to Mpho being appointed to junior developer, the fastest of all interns at DrakkenTech ever… and there’s been a few! We are very excited to see Mpho grow, see him score wins in our projects and to get to know him better!

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