Shane Van Niekerk: Promoted to Mid-level developer

Congratulations Shane Van Niekerk on your promotion to mid-level developer effective from today!

Shane joined our team on 8 November 2021 as an intern after he graduated from WeThinkCode. In January 2022, he was promoted to a junior developer. His total tenure with us is now just 2 months short of two years.

Since joining our team, Shane’s skill has grown at an impressive rate. His work is consistently first rate and almost always completed faster than expected. On many occasions he has shown great flexibility and commitment to the team and gladly put in extra effort at times of crisis for our company, or our clients’.

Shane has also shown that he can independently carry out complex tasks like API integrations with external systems or deployments to AWS. He was the sole developer for a complete mobile app that was shipped and is being used on a day-to-day basis by one of our client companies.

He has been consistently able to assist other developers in solving tricky problems and in guiding interns. None of our clients have expressed unhappiness about work that Shane was the primary steward off.
Beyond that, he brings a very cool energy and enthusiasm to the team and his honesty and reliability are beyond reproach.

Personally, I am profoundly proud and thankful to have him in our team and I think his tenure as a junior developer has set an inspirational example.
I am very excited to see him grow in his new position and wish him all the best for this new season.

Pieka Grobbelaar
Engineer, Director at DrakkenTech

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